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Things police departments must decide before implementing body cameras in Australia

One of the things that have become very common among police departments in Australia is body cameras. Police departments are investing huge amounts of capital in body cameras every year. This is because body cameras have proven to be an important tool for police officers on the line of duty. These devices provide the police departments with both audio and video records that are important for certain scenarios.

What do most people do when planning to implement body cameras for police departments in Australia?

Whenever you are planning to implement body cameras for your police departments, there are certain things that you need to decide on first. However, most people think about the number of body cameras they should buy, the type that is suitable for them, and also the budget they should spend on this investment. All these things will help you in selecting the right body cameras for your department but you need to think about things that will help you implement the body cameras technology in your department.

What should you do before implementing body cameras in your police department in Australia?

If you think that it is time for your police department to implement body cameras, you have to make sure that you come up with ideas that will help you implement the body cameras successfully. The following are some of the things that you can do to ensure that your body camera implementation does not fail.

  • Find out whether you need the body cameras

The first thing that you need to do before you buy your body cameras is to make sure that you take your time and find out whether you need body cameras in your department. Find out why you need the body cameras so that you can make sure that you are investing in devices that will impact your police departments and enhance the productivity of the police officers in your department.

  • Decide who should wear the body cameras

When you are implementing body cameras for your police department, you need to decide who will be wearing the body cameras. This is because not everyone is required to wear body cameras depending on the job one does. Also, body cameras are quite expensive and therefore it may be impossible for you to buy each person in your department body cameras. You need to pick a few police officers, especially those interacting with the public to wear the body cameras.

  • Find out whether police officers will volunteer to wear the body cameras or you have to assign them

When you are implementing the body cameras, you might discover the best thing for you to do is either to have police officers volunteer or assign the ones who will be wearing the body cameras. Even if you have several police officers in mind who should wear the body cameras, not all of them will appreciate the idea which is why you must make sure that you find out whether you will be assigning the police officers or they will volunteer to wear the body cameras.

  • Decide whether police officers can buy their body cameras

Most people may think that if police officers purchase their body cameras they would be saving money, which is a great idea but it is not. You must be against the idea of your police officers having their body cameras since you will not have any legal right of accessing the footage they record with their body cameras.

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Benefits of hiring a process server

The importance of a process server cannot be undermined. Essentially, these group of people ensure that a court hears legal matters. The legal servers provide defendants with notices of pending lawsuits alleged against them.

In addition, the process servers also have the following functions: due diligence searches, skip tracing, filing documents, and lawsuit research, among others. For this, and other reasons, business and collection agencies employ the services of these individuals.

Who is a process server?

A process server is a person who serves legal documents to a defendant involved in a legal case. The person serves a wide range of documents, including summons, subpoenas, restraining orders, and divorce papers, among others.

Document serving occurs in two ways:

  • Personal service: in this case, a person is responsible for serving the papers. It can be an individual or a professional document server.
  • Ordinary service: in this case, the documents from the court are served through fax, mail and email among other methods

Affidavit of service

A process server must provide proof of their delivery. As such, all process servers should provide an affidavit of service as evidence that the legal documents have been served to the recipient.

Process server’s benefits


The job scope of the process serves a bit wide. As such, it requires a person who is well trained and experienced in performing these roles. An efficient process server will deliver documents on time, efficiently file documents and do any takes given to them diligently.

Again, if a process server holds a private investigators license, he/she is usually under oath to treat everyone equally regardless of their status.  This results in a high level of fairness, hence, efficiency.

A clear understanding of law within a given jurisdiction

Process servers have a deeper understanding of the law of the laws of a given area. This puts them in a better position to help the client not to break the law. Again, their understanding of the law makes them the best people to handle your documents.

They can unburden you

A process server can take a significant burden off your shoulder. Could you imagine yourself filing a tone of documents, locating a defendant, serving the documents, etc.? Some of these activities are dangerous, because you may encounter hostile people along your working process. Such people may assault you.  If you hire a process server, they can handle all these tasks diligently considering their expertise in these areas.

They can offer legal advice in some cases

A process server Brisbane offers has a sufficient background on matters concerning the law. As such, the process server can advise you on matters of the law, especially where law requirements are to be met. Besides, their primary role is to ensure that the court orders given are not violated.

They are a neutral party

If you are involved in a legal suit and you take the burden of serving the papers to the defendants, you may receive some resentment. However, when you hire a process server, you will not be held liable for the resentment experienced because they are a neutral third party.

Their position in the whole legal situation puts them in a prime position of maintaining the privacy of the defendant and ensuring accurate legal processing of documents is done.

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Bodyguards for hire

Black glasses, black shirt, black jacket. It could be the description of James Bond or another secret agent. But they are not. However, they have the same formation. They are bodyguards, which are responsible for protecting celebrities and the highest executives of the world’s leading companies.

When hiring a bodyguard service, there are a few considerations to take from both parts.

Bodyguard work may seem simple, but it is not. It takes long processes of analysis where they study how are the movements of the person to be guarded, where to go and what are their customs to be able to see, what are the possible risks they face.

The client goes through a series of tests that confirm that he has no criminal record or links to crime. It is mandatory to know who the bodyguards are defending.


Looking for the bodyguard service that matches

Therefore, when looking for a private security service, a risk study must be carried out in which the needs of each person are defined so that private security companies can provide a service that matches their needs.

Exclusive Protection have body guards for hire. According to each client’s requirement, there are many plans and prices, and they can choose that one that works better for each client.

The main reason for people who acquire this type of services is their economic activity, as they require protection to quietly develop their daily activities.

The principal object is that people realise that they are not alone and that these types of services are an option to feel protected and be backed by trained personnel.


How does the contract work?

The contract has a duration of one calendar year, which cannot last more than five hours, time counted from the moment the bodyguards arrive at the place where it is cited by the client. The bodyguard may intervene to protect the client in banking operations when suspicious persons are outside the domicile or place where they are located.

Also in road chases, assistance to places that the customer considers high risk and assistance due to breakdown or automobile accident in areas considered high risk.

In a preventive action, such as banking operations or transfers it is not necessary to inform the bodyguard of the activities, the client will only give information when the call is due to reactive situations in extreme situations.


Restrictions and bodyguard ID

To identify the bodyguard, this will be identified with a company credential.

For security reasons and to prevent a client from becoming ‘kidnapped’ bodyguards are prohibited from travelling in the client’s vehicle, and when they come to their call, they are watched without becoming visible.

Bodyguards are not on the client all the time, and if required, they identify themselves as friends, never as security personnel.

The bodyguards have no authority or competence to arrest any person since their service is limited to safeguard the integrity of the client.

When it comes to protecting their customers, these types of companies do not spare resources. From private planes to helicopters and armoured cars, companies use the vehicles and technological tools that are necessary for each situation.

Most of the bodyguards who are dedicated to protecting first-level figures are usually former members of the military, and most often of the Special Forces. This is one of the main features that differentiate them with “gym bodyguards.”


When Should You Order Body Guard Services?

When you hear the word bodyguard, the first thing which might come to your mind is an image of a famous personality flanked with men in black or white. While it’s true that celebrities hire body guards but bodyguard services are just not restricted to the famous and the elite. In fact people hire bodyguards for a variety of reasons.

A person may hire a bodyguard for any of the following reasons:

  • Anyone who is well-known needs to hire a body guard. They need to be supervised at all times. There is no guarantee of what might occur when someone popular I in the public eye. Fans tend to go a bit too crazy and things can escalate pretty fast. While movie stars and soap stars never go without body guards, these days if you are a famous you tuber, you need to hire a body guard as well.


  • If you have highly valuable possessions. This means that even if someone is simply working for a firm and has important paraphernalia they would need to be assisted by a body guard. Sometimes people carry documentation which is highly confidential and should be protected at all costs. In such cases a body guard makes sure that there is no threat and those documents are delivered safely.

  • Anyone who is associated with politics or is an activist whether belonging to the government or a non-government organization, would need proper protection. Politics can create strong feelings in people. Activists are often a target for people who may not agree with their views or oppose what they believe in. in such cases a bodyguard can be the best way of getting much needed protection.


  • Body guards are specially trained to assess the amount of risk in certain situations. Often an innocent gathering can fire up pretty quick and timely action is required to dissipate any danger. Having a bodyguard to offer protection can help ward off difficult situations. Its always better to be safe than sorry.


  • Those who hold a high position in the corporate sector might also require the services of the bodyguard. These individuals may require protection from incidences of kidnapping, corporate sabotage and the wrath of disgruntled employees.


The above mentioned threats are all very real and seriously warrant the services of a bodyguard in Sydney. Often people in all of the above situation have some sort of inkling that they might be in danger yet do not pay heed to that instinct. Humans are provided with a strong sense of instinct which often helps them realize that they could be in danger before anything untoward event happens. It’s just that failure to recognize that instinctual feeling and hiring a bodyguard can result in dire consequences.

But before you hire a bodyguard in Sydney, make sure that you hire them from a well-known security firm. Exclusive Protection offer body guard services. Check their website and look for reviews and get references from people who might have hired their bodyguard services.