Some New Technology In The Home Building Industry

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As we move into the future, we are witnessing a technology revolution like never before. innovation and technological advances are occurring at a very fast pace and changing our lives in a profound way. These changes are affecting all aspects of our lives and our homes are not left behind. We spoke to Ben Trager Homes about numerous emerging technologies that are advancing the home building industry.

Herein we will explore some of the new technological advances that will revolutionize the home building industry as we move into the future.

#1. 3D Printing

3D printing technology has improved quite significantly in the last few years. The technology has advanced to the point where it is being hailed as the next frontier of industrial manufacturing. Today, we have 3D printed cars, guns, engine parts and much more. The home building industry has not been left behind. We have 3D printed houses.

There are numerous projects that have proved the concept of 3D printing an entire house right from the ground up to the completion. Case-in-point, Oak Ridge National Laboratories’ 2016 project where they 3D printed an entire house that is suitable for human occupation. As such, we know that we can build a house using 3D technology. The next phase of the development or this technology is to increase the variety of materials that can be used. Thereafter, it is a case of producing user-friendly 3D printing machines that can be used by the masses.

#2. Automated Building Machines

Automated machines will revolutionize how we build our homes. For the entire history of home building, we have had to rely on skilled and specialized labor to perform certain tasks of home building. In many instances, this labor has been expensive and restricted in capability to what humans can do. Humans can only work for so long before fatigue sets in.

However, as we move into the future, we can expect automated machines to be building our homes. We already have a glimpse of such machines today. We have bricklaying machines that work almost completely automated. The advancement (technology-wise) and their proliferation will home-building being done by machines. This will mean a construction project will run continuously from start to finish and will have lower labor costs involved.

#3. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence will pay a huge role in the building industry. Right from the design phase of projects to the building, we can expect artificial intelligence to play a crucial role as the main technology driving construction project in the future.

#4. Advanced Materials

The push for new and advanced building materials has always been a never-ending project for the construction industry as a whole. We are always seeking better, greener, and more cost-effective innovative construction materials. In the future, we can expect to construct our homes with self-healing concrete that are extra hardened and paint our houses with self-cleaning paints that exhibit dynamic colors.

#5. Green Energy Technology

Other new technologies that will influence the design and form of our homes is the need for energy efficiency. We will have better-insulated house owing to advancement in insulation technology. We will also homes that produce their own energy for self-sustained houses (energy wise). To this end, more homes will be built with solar cell roof tiles and energy producing window panes.