Overview Of New Technology In The Truck Rental Industry

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If you have been in the truck rental industry for very long you may have noticed certain changes that have been made its in the technology that is utilized. Many of these vehicles that are used in the trucking industry have been modified over time. They are designed to be extremely energy efficient, and there are those that are even able to drive on their own. Let’s take a look at this new technology in the truck rental industry by companies such as¬†http://www.rentco.com.au/ that might affect your business if this is one that you are part of.

Advancements In Safety Technology

Technology that is out there will include a substantial amount of improvements in regard to safety. For example, to improve driver safety, they have incorporated collision avoidance systems which are very helpful. Drivers are often on the road for extended periods of time, and when this occurs, they can get very tired. This will cause them to become unaware of their current situation, and that’s where the collision avoidance systems comes in. According to the NTSB, there are nearly 2000 people that are killed in rear end crashes alone. That’s why it’s so important to use this technology which is going to help all of your drivers.

Electronic Logging Devices

There are other devices that have been created, one of which is allowing drivers to be recorded whenever they are working. For example, in 2017, there are rules mandating that these devices be used so driver stay within compliance. Some of the violations include logging far too many hours, which is problematic for those that will fall asleep at the wheel. That’s why these other safety precautions were also administered along with something called adaptive cruise control. This same technology is also use when people are renting your vehicles to drive from one location to the other. It allows for proper billing.

Adaptive Cruise Control And AI Technology

On a very basic level, adaptive cruise control technology is going to help drivers not hit people in front of them. If they are driving too fast, the cruise control can tell if they are closing in on a driver in front of them, prompting the truck to slow down. These will be in direct conjunction with the air disc brakes that will do the slowing for them. There will also be a type of AI technology, one that makes it possible for drivers to allow the vehicles to continue, theoretically even while they are sleeping. Fortunately, for truck drivers that do this for a living, this technology is several years from being perfected. It is very different from the autopilot technology on airplanes because there are so many more variables. For those that rent trucks out, both of these are very welcome in terms of maintaining higher levels of safety.

As technology like this continues to increase, it is slowly looking as if they trucking industry is significantly evolving. Instead of the long hours that are typically put into this type of work there may soon be artificial intelligence that is driving these vehicles for them. Although there should always be someone in the truck while it is moving, it is a step closer to full automation. Until that time, drivers can be happy with the advanced safety features that can keep them safe. For those that rent out trucks, all of these advancements will help your company save money, and also provide a much safer environment for all of the drivers.