Top Products of the Week

We love to stay in touch with the latest gadgets and share with you the best finds we have in the technology field. Here are the most interesting new developments in business technology. Also if you have news of the same that you think we would find interesting do not hesitate to drop us a line.



We all know that Apple is not exactly user diverse in that it sticks to its own kind most of the time in terms of plugging things in. Hub+ is a compact and durable device which allows various USB plug ins and also mobile charging.


This handy device allows for a portable triple screen for your laptop, also flipping and convulsing into various positions so that those screens can be viewed by other parties. This is great for any type of meeting or seminar.


The first of its kind, the Odin laser projection mouse detects reflection signals with its infrared signals. A great gadget for designers, office workers and video gamers. With an easy USB plug-in system, it is exceptionally easy to use and is lightweight and portable.