Benefits of hiring a process server

The importance of a process server cannot be undermined. Essentially, these group of people ensure that a court hears legal matters. The legal servers provide defendants with notices of pending lawsuits alleged against them.

In addition, the process servers also have the following functions: due diligence searches, skip tracing, filing documents, and lawsuit research, among others. For this, and other reasons, business and collection agencies employ the services of these individuals.

Who is a process server?

A process server is a person who serves legal documents to a defendant involved in a legal case. The person serves a wide range of documents, including summons, subpoenas, restraining orders, and divorce papers, among others.

Document serving occurs in two ways:

  • Personal service: in this case, a person is responsible for serving the papers. It can be an individual or a professional document server.
  • Ordinary service: in this case, the documents from the court are served through fax, mail and email among other methods

Affidavit of service

A process server must provide proof of their delivery. As such, all process servers should provide an affidavit of service as evidence that the legal documents have been served to the recipient.

Process server’s benefits


The job scope of the process serves a bit wide. As such, it requires a person who is well trained and experienced in performing these roles. An efficient process server will deliver documents on time, efficiently file documents and do any takes given to them diligently.

Again, if a process server holds a private investigators license, he/she is usually under oath to treat everyone equally regardless of their status.  This results in a high level of fairness, hence, efficiency.

A clear understanding of law within a given jurisdiction

Process servers have a deeper understanding of the law of the laws of a given area. This puts them in a better position to help the client not to break the law. Again, their understanding of the law makes them the best people to handle your documents.

They can unburden you

A process server can take a significant burden off your shoulder. Could you imagine yourself filing a tone of documents, locating a defendant, serving the documents, etc.? Some of these activities are dangerous, because you may encounter hostile people along your working process. Such people may assault you.  If you hire a process server, they can handle all these tasks diligently considering their expertise in these areas.

They can offer legal advice in some cases

A process server Brisbane offers has a sufficient background on matters concerning the law. As such, the process server can advise you on matters of the law, especially where law requirements are to be met. Besides, their primary role is to ensure that the court orders given are not violated.

They are a neutral party

If you are involved in a legal suit and you take the burden of serving the papers to the defendants, you may receive some resentment. However, when you hire a process server, you will not be held liable for the resentment experienced because they are a neutral third party.

Their position in the whole legal situation puts them in a prime position of maintaining the privacy of the defendant and ensuring accurate legal processing of documents is done.

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