Bodyguards for hire

Black glasses, black shirt, black jacket. It could be the description of James Bond or another secret agent. But they are not. However, they have the same formation. They are bodyguards, which are responsible for protecting celebrities and the highest executives of the world’s leading companies.

When hiring a bodyguard service, there are a few considerations to take from both parts.

Bodyguard work may seem simple, but it is not. It takes long processes of analysis where they study how are the movements of the person to be guarded, where to go and what are their customs to be able to see, what are the possible risks they face.

The client goes through a series of tests that confirm that he has no criminal record or links to crime. It is mandatory to know who the bodyguards are defending.


Looking for the bodyguard service that matches

Therefore, when looking for a private security service, a risk study must be carried out in which the needs of each person are defined so that private security companies can provide a service that matches their needs.

Exclusive Protection have body guards for hire. According to each client’s requirement, there are many plans and prices, and they can choose that one that works better for each client.

The main reason for people who acquire this type of services is their economic activity, as they require protection to quietly develop their daily activities.

The principal object is that people realise that they are not alone and that these types of services are an option to feel protected and be backed by trained personnel.


How does the contract work?

The contract has a duration of one calendar year, which cannot last more than five hours, time counted from the moment the bodyguards arrive at the place where it is cited by the client. The bodyguard may intervene to protect the client in banking operations when suspicious persons are outside the domicile or place where they are located.

Also in road chases, assistance to places that the customer considers high risk and assistance due to breakdown or automobile accident in areas considered high risk.

In a preventive action, such as banking operations or transfers it is not necessary to inform the bodyguard of the activities, the client will only give information when the call is due to reactive situations in extreme situations.


Restrictions and bodyguard ID

To identify the bodyguard, this will be identified with a company credential.

For security reasons and to prevent a client from becoming ‘kidnapped’ bodyguards are prohibited from travelling in the client’s vehicle, and when they come to their call, they are watched without becoming visible.

Bodyguards are not on the client all the time, and if required, they identify themselves as friends, never as security personnel.

The bodyguards have no authority or competence to arrest any person since their service is limited to safeguard the integrity of the client.

When it comes to protecting their customers, these types of companies do not spare resources. From private planes to helicopters and armoured cars, companies use the vehicles and technological tools that are necessary for each situation.

Most of the bodyguards who are dedicated to protecting first-level figures are usually former members of the military, and most often of the Special Forces. This is one of the main features that differentiate them with “gym bodyguards.”